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Faculties List
College of Liberal Arts   School of Physical Science and Technology, School of Energy
Soochow University School of Music   The School of Health, Human Performance, & Recreation
School of Nursing at Soochow University   The School of Electronics and Information Engineering
Phoenix Communication College of Soochow University   College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Material Science (CCCEMS)
The School of Mathematical Sciences at Soochow University   College of Nano Science and Technology
Computer Science and Technology Information College   The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
School for Radiological Medicine and Protection   Shagang School of Iron and Steel Soochow University
The College of Textile and Clothing Engineering, Soochow University   Social Sciences Introduction
Medical College of Soochow University   The School of Biology and Basic Medical Sciences
the First Clinical Medical College   School of Public Health, Medical College of Soochow University
School of Urban Rail Transportation   The Second Clinical Medical College
The Pediatric Clinical Medical College   Gold Mantis School of Architecture and Urban Environment College
School of Politics and Public Administration   The School of Foreign Languages
Soochow Business School Introduction   Kenneth Wang School of Law
The School of Education   Arts
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