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ChemistryDoctoral program   Organic ChemistryDoctoral program
Ideological and Political EducationDoctoral program   Medical Cell BiologyDoctoral program
PhysicsDoctoral program   Applied mathematicsDoctoral program
Pathogenic OrganismsDoctoral program   Imaging and Nuclear MedicineDoctoral program
Analytical ChemistryDoctoral program   StatisticsDoctoral program
SurgeryDoctoral program   Textile EngineeringDoctoral program
Popular Literature and Popular CultureDoctoral program   DesignDoctoral program
GenomicsDoctoral program   History of the Communist Party of ChinaDoctoral program
Materials Science and EngineeringDoctoral program   Perinatal Medicine and Fetal LearnDoctoral program
Internal MedicineDoctoral program   Intellectual Property LawDoctoral program
Science of LawMaster's program   Cell BiologyMaster's program
World HistoryMaster's program   Materials Science and EngineeringMaster's program
Dermatology and VenereologyMaster's program   Professional Master of Pharmacy(M.Pharm)Master's program
ImmunologyMaster's program   The Industry of Media and CulturalMaster's program
architectureMaster's program   SurgeryMaster's program
Microelectronics and Solid State ElectronicsMaster's program   Russian Language and LiteratureMaster's program
Chemical BiologyMaster's program   Curriculum and Teaching MethodologyMaster's program
Master of Applied Statistics(M.A.S)Master's program   Pathology and PathophysiologyMaster's program
sMaster's program   Curriculum and Teaching MethodologyMaster's program
PhysicsMaster's program   Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyMaster's program
Oral MedicineBachelor's program   Functional MaterialBachelor's program
Music PerformanceBachelor's program   Clinical Medicine ("5+3" Integration)Bachelor's program
Communication Engineering (UMT Communication Signal)Bachelor's program   Materials Science and EngineeringBachelor's program
HistoryBachelor's program   Visual Communication DesignBachelor's program
Chinese Language & Literature(Education)(Tang Wenzhi College Talent Training)Bachelor's program   Chinese Language and Literature(Tang Wenzhi College Talent Training)Bachelor's program
Electronic Science and TechnologyBachelor's program   Chinese Language & LiteratureBachelor's program
Measurement Control Technology and InstrumentsBachelor's program   Archival ScienceBachelor's program
Musicology (Education)Bachelor's program   Secretarial ScienceBachelor's program
Sports RehabilitationBachelor's program   English (Education)Bachelor's program
Translation and InterpretingBachelor's program   Non-woven Materials and EngineeringBachelor's program
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