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Zhou Xing(lecturer)

Song YeHui(associate professor)

Feng ChengCheng(teaching assistant)

Leng Jie(Library & Information Studies Research Fellow)

Cheng Jie(associate professor)

Wang XueZhen(associate professor)

Ni DanYue(lecturer)

Xu Xiu(lecturer)

Quan XiaoFeng(professor)
the Jiangsu Province “Union Blue Project”

Xin LiLi(associate professor)

Sun HongPeng(associate professor)

Lu Ji(lecturer)

Luo ZhengYing(professor)

Zhou HongYu(lecturer)

Yue YiJie(teaching assistant)

Zhou MengYuan(teaching assistant)

Chen FuJun(lecturer)

Sun WenJi(professor)

Robert William McClure(lecturer)

Song Yaohua(professor)

Zhang LiFeng(teaching assistant)

Chen LiYa(lecturer)

Tao Ying(lecturer)

Wang Wenjie(assistant researcher)

Jin Fang(lecturer)

Guo Mingyu(associate professor)
the municipal plan for talents needed

Yang Qing(assistant researcher)

Ge JianFeng(professor)

Gu Weixing(professor)

Jin Xin(associate professor)

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